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  • You can roll from  where  you are.

  • At home or on the route of your choice.

  • Using the App # 40Challenge, Fixed Bike or your device.

1.- How can I participate?

If 24 hours have passed since you made your registration, send us an email to contacto@40challenge.mx  with your full name, requesting your number.

3.- I did not receive my registration confirmation or digital number.

To the  take part  with the App # 40Challenge or link a device,  your results  will be  automatically visible, if you do it manually or Indoor  you will receive  a receipt message.

5.-How will I know if my participation or evidence was received.

You can send us a message through the Chat to confirm that your evidence has been received or wait 24 hours. to see the update.

7.-What do I do if I do not receive a message when sending my Indoor / Manual evidence?

Don't worry, you can put the stopwatch on your cell phone  to count your time, and send as evidence the photo in Record of Indoor Activities / Manual.

9.- What happens if I don't have a sports app or smart watch?

No, we will only take into account the evidence of exercise that is carried out from the date the call is published.

11.-Can I share the certificate of another virtual event as evidence?

The event is open to all audiences.

13.- Who can participate in the UKA Virtual Shooting?

Sure, record your activity from the # 40Challenge App using the Rolling with: Strava, Polar or Garmin button. Validate your registration and share your participation with the GPX of your  device.

fifteen.-  Can I participate using my Garmin or Polar device?

  • In a period of 24 hrs. you will receive your participation number.  

  • Download the App # 40Challenge, train and participate.

  • Wait for your UKA Virtual Ride Kit

2.- I already registered, what's next?

  • With the GPS of the App # 40Challenge to measure your time and distance.

  • If you use Strava, Garmin or Polar, export your GPX ride and  we send  your tour with  the  button  Rolling with, from our App.

  • Roll from home or with your watch and  complete  and submit the evidence form  Handbook  . In 24hrs. you will be able to see your results or progress.

4.- How  I send my evidence  or do I validate my participation in a virtual event?

Manual registration or  indoor , it may take 24hrs. in seeing yourself reflected, if 24 hours have already passed and you do not see your progress reflected,  contact us.

6.-What do I do if I don't see my progress reflected?

There's no need. The frames are solely for your entertainment and to tell us if you want to appear in our official gallery.

8.- Is it necessary for me to use the selfie frames for my evidence to be valid?

Yes, you will receive the physical and commemorative medal with your kit.

10.- Will they give a physical medal?

Please send us your broker number and full name  to contacto@40challenge.mx to review your case. 

12.-What happens if my results are wrong?

Yes, you can participate from anywhere in the world. 
* KIT shipping applies only in Mexico

14.-Being a virtual event, can I participate from another country?

No, every kilometer counts and helps us grow and reach the goal.

16.- Is there a minimum number of kilometers to travel?

The first registration phase ends on June 5 so you can receive your Participation Kit before June 14.

17.- What is the registration deadline?

Your participation kit will arrive before June 25th.

18.- What happens if I register after June 5?

Yes, you can receive a maximum of 5 kits per shipment.
The registrations must be made with the same account before June 5 so that they count in a single shipment, the  registrations after June 5 will count as another shipment.

19.- Can I receive more than one Kit paying only 1 shipment?

Through donations, Sponsor Program, products with a cause, virtual Piggy Bank. For more information go to:  www.unkilodeayuda.org.mx

20.- Are there other ways to collaborate with the cause?