Join the Virtual Roll A Kilo of Help 2021!

In this virtual format you will be able to participate and exercise during the course of a week in the place of your choice, in turn you will be contributing to the strengthening of the capacities of thousands of girls and boys.

We want you to have fun and have the opportunity to live this great experience with




Dates to complete the tour: 

June 14-20, 2021


How can you make your tour?

You can do it on any vehicle with tires (without motor)

Example: bicycles, skates, tricycle, skateboard, scooter, wheelchair, etc.


Where can you take your tour?

Wherever you prefer (street, park, house, etc.)


Distance you can travel:

There is no limit, you can travel the distance you want during the week of the event.



  • Single Adult

  • Unique Child


Help Path:

We have designed a symbolic route that we will share with you, equivalent to the care and attention that we offer to the 20,000 girls and boys under 5 years of age in vulnerable communities in the states of Chiapas, Edo. From Mexico, Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Yucatán:


  • 15K We measure weight, length or height and diagnose anemia to know the nutritional status of girls and boys.

  • 25K We conduct neurodevelopmental testing to take action in the event of a developmental delay in children.

  • 50K We promote timely stimulation and play practices to generate the conditions for full development.

  • 75K We run playful parenting workshops for moms, dads, or primary caregivers.

  • 100K We contribute to the health of families and their food security through the delivery of nutritional packages and hygiene supplies.



As it is a recreational event, there will be no awards.


Cost $ 400.00  plus cost of home kit shipping.


It includes:

- Snoopy and his friends Special Edition Medal.

- Buff (Bandana).

- Sport cap.

- Participant number (Virtual).

- Recognition of participation (Virtual).


Shipping costs

$ 125.00 (one hundred twenty-five pesos 00/100 MN) to any part of Mexico including Cdmx. 

The maximum number of kits sent in a single shipment will be 5.



To receive your kit at home before June 14, you must make your registration before June 5.

If you register after June 5, you will receive your kit from the week of June 20.

-It is very important at the time of registering you enter all the information of your address correctly and completely, so that the courier service can successfully deliver your kit. Otherwise you must pick up your kit at the address indicated in the tracking of your shipment.

- In case the location of your home is in a restricted area according to the policy of the courier service, you will receive an email with the address of the branch where you can go to pick up your kit. Do not forget that you need to present an official identification and your guide number.

- Once you have registered and made the payment, you will receive an email confirming your registration for the event.

- In a maximum of 48 hours after having made your registration you will receive an email with your virtual kit: competitor number, the download link of the App to upload your results and guide number so that you can directly check the status of the shipment.



- Refunds will proceed exclusively when the event is canceled by decision of the organizing committee. These will be programmed automatically and the status of this must be requested to the email contacto@40challenge.mx

- In no case will the refund request proceed for reasons of a personal nature (work, health, travel, injury, etc.).

- In case of needing a name change, this must be requested by the registered person by email (email with which he registered) to contacto@40challenge.mx





The activity registration platform will be open from June 14 at 06:00 hrs. to June 20 at 10:00 p.m. from 2021.

1. Enter "Virtual Roll A Kilo of Help" 

2. Click on Participate in the event and start your journey.

3. If you participate from home, click on ACTIVITY RECORD and complete the form and upload your evidence to verify your activity. 

4. You can participate using your Garmin, Polar or Strava device, record your tours, click on Rolling with:

5. Click on Send Results.




Share your photo showing you are doing the Roll on your social networks with the hashtags #RodadaUnKiloDeAyuda, tagging Un Kilo De Ayuda on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



We recommend that you take a medical examination before scheduling your tour, since the health status of the participants is the sole responsibility of each of them and NOT of the organizing committee. The organizing committee is not responsible for accidents that may occur on the route of each participant, as it is considered a personal and sports risk. When riding on public roads, it is the participant's responsibility to take all road precautions, respect traffic regulations at all times, always wear a helmet and check that their vehicle with tires is in optimal condition for proper operation.